Reading Room 1
Reading Room 1

In the Reading rooms you will find a selection of the most important reference materials for every subject: handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, biographies and commentaries. In special reading zones you find a selection of the most important journals on display for your subject with all issues of the current year.


The shelfing of the literature in our reading rooms follows the Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (RVK), a classification system which is used as well in our open stack collection of textbooks.

The shelf marks are structured as follows:

Example: 10/ CB 1200 A613-1

10Individual mark for the SULB's reading room holdings
CB 1200Systematic Notation, i.e. subject reference
A613Author encryption (author's surname begins with A)

Subjects as on display in reading rooms

Reading room1Law and Economics (RVK classification P and Q)
Reading room 1, galleryHistory (RVK classification N), Religion and Religious (RVK classification B), Philosophy und Psychology (RVK classification C) und Pedagogy (RVK classification D)
Reading room 2Language and Literature studies (RVK classificationn E bis K): General and Comparative Language und Literature studies, Classical philology, German studies, English Language and Literature, Romance languages and literature, Slavic Languages and Literatures
Reading room 3Bibliographies, General reference works and Biographical encyclopedias (RVK classification AD-AE)
Reading room 4

Ethnology, Classical Archaeology, History of Arts und Musicology (RVK classification L), Political studies und Sociology (RVK classification M), Geography (RVK classification R), Sport (RVK classificationn ZX-ZY)

Regional studies reading roomLiterature for readers with local interest. There is a special classification following regional characteristics.



Areas of special shelfing
  • New acquisitions: on display opposite the reading room entrance.
  • Newspapers: Latest issues of newspapers in reading room 3, reading lounge
  • Semester literature for university courses: Some tutors choose to present the literature from our holdings used in their courses in reading room 1
  • Loose-leaf books, if not found with the subject, are kept in separate locked glass cabinets (please turn to our staff for help)
Working places

You will find 157 working places in our reading rooms 1-4. All places are equipped with sockets for your laptops or notebooks and WLAN. At some places in reading room 1 you will find a cable access to the Internet.

For special needs we have several especially equipped working places:

  • 2 working places for atlases (reading room 1): the tabletops are adjustable and bigger in size
  • 4 separate working places: for our treasures (reading room 1)
  • 54 bookable single working places: (for students taking their exams) with lockers (reading room 1)
  • 16 bookable carrels (single working rooms): on the gallery of the Regional studies reading room.
Consultation, Media issue and reservations at the Reading room counter

There is a big counter in reading room 1. Here you can get advice from our staff with respect to every aspect of our range of services between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. After 4.p.m. you can turn to our colleagues at the counter in the main entrance hall.

At the counter reading room 1 are also issued all media from the closed stacks and interlibrary loan, which are meant only for use within the library:

Works, published before 1900
Oversized newspapers
Microfilms + Microfiches
Single issues of our unbound magazines from the closed stacks
Media, given to us by interlibrary loan, which can be used only within premises of our library
Books with restricted permit of use (i.e. libri separati)
Latest issues of some of our newspapers and magazines

If you want to finish your final thesis in quiet, you can apply for one our separate working places with lockers or carrels for a period of 3 months (final thesis) or 6 months (doctorate thesis). For further information please turn to our staff.