Binding and further Processing

The Fotostelle offers the following bindings:

Ring binding

  • With this type of binding the paper is being perforated on one side. A plastic spiral is threaded through the punched holes to hold the sheets together.Je nach Umfang kostet diese Bindung zwischen 1,60 € und 2,00 €.
  • This inexpensive and flexible binding is particularly suitable for learning materials, as sheets can be added or removed at any time afterwards by opening the binding spiral.
  • The same types of cardboard are used for the cover as for the hot-melt and cold glue binding.

Hot-melt binding

  • This type of binding is often referred to as "soft cover" and is used for most final papers as it ensures that no pages can be removed or added as the pages are glued together.
  • During production, the sheets are combined into a block and finished with a binding cardboard (300g) on the front and back. On request, the front can also be bound with a matt transparent foil so that the title of the work can be read. The spine of the book is glued with a hot-melt adhesive and coated with a black linen strip.
  • Hot-melt binding is feasible up to a maximum volume of 300 pages and costs € 3.00. It can be done directly after printing and takes about 1 - 2 hours including cooling.

Cold glue binding

  • Cold glue binding is executed in our in-house bookbinding workshop. It requires a lot of manual work and therefore takes up to five working days.
  • The finishing is identical to that of hot-melt binding, except that a bookbinding glue is used for gluing and the finished binding is then trimmed again all around the open pages.
  • The use of bookbinding glue makes this type of binding more stable and durable than hot-melt binding.
  • Cold glue binding is possible up to a maximum volume of 300 pages and costs 10.00 €.
  • An overview of the available cover colours for ring, cold glue and hot-melt binding can be found here.

Brochure bindung

  • The brochure binding is also made in our bookbindery. The completion takes about 8 - 10 working days, the costs are around 20,00 €.
  • The cover is made of solid bookbinding cardboard, available in two colours: brown/beige marbled or grey/black marbled
  • This binding method creates a deeper book fold on the spine than cold glue binding. You should take this into consideration when the margins are selected.

Fabric tape

  • ​​​​​​​With this top-quality binding, the entire book is bound with a linen fabric, and the book fold is smaller than in brochure binding.
  • This is the most sophisticated binding we offer; its completion takes 10 - 12 working days and costs 30,00 €.
  • The cover and spine can be embossed with a freely selectable text (author/title/short title). The colour of the embossing is gold or white, depending on the colour of the cover.

Pricelist binding and further processing

Ring binding small to approx. 45 sheets 1,60 €
Ring binding large to approx. 280 sheets 2,20 €
Binding spiral single, small 0,40 €
Binding spiral single, large 0,80 €
Binding cardboard A4 280g 0,60 €
Hot-melt binding A4 3,00 €
Hot-melt binding A5 1,50 €
Cold glue binding A4 10,00 €
Cold glue binding A5 5,00 €
Brochure binding A3/A4 20,00 €
Fabric binding A5/A4 30,00 €
Stapling 0,01 €
Folding 0,01 €
Laminating A4 0,80 €
Laminating A3 1,20 €

Price list for download

You can download the complete price list of the Fotostelle here.