Declaration on accessibility


The Saarland University and State Library makes every effort to make its website accessible to all in accordance with § 12a SBGG.
This preliminary declaration on accessibility applies to including subpages.


Status of compatibility with the requirements

The university's website at is currently being checked for accessibility. The result of the review will be published here soon.


Preparation of this declaration on accessibility

This statement is provisional. It was drawn up on 01.09.2021.


Conciliation procedure

The Saarland Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family has an arbitration board. You can call on the conciliation board if you are not satisfied with the answers you receive from the above-mentioned contact option. You can find the conciliation board here.


Other aspects of accessibility

The SULB also endeavours to create spatial and technical conditions to enable the greatest possible degree of accessibility. You can find out more about this on these pages.



Have you noticed any shortcomings with regard to barrier-free access to the content of

Please write to us!

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