The Catholic Theology Library

Universität des Saarlandes
Saarbrücken Campus Building A4 2
Level 2

66123 Saarbrücken



The Catholic Theology and Protestant Theology libraries have substantial collections that cover theological topics and related subject areas. 

The theology libraries are reference libraries. However, users can borrow a limited number of items on overnight or weekend loan. If you wish to borrow an item, please talk to the library staff.


Two book scanners, two photocopiers, two workstations for literature searches, one microfiche reader, WiFi; Resources for the Protestant Theology section: a multimedia room ‘The RE Workshop’ with classroom materials, TV, video player and CD player, two computers and one scanner The Catholic Theology section is equipped with the ‘The Religious Pluralism Study Workshop’. For more information and assistance, please contact Dr. Linda Balzer (linda.balzer(at)

Disciplines at the location

Literature and media on all disciplines of Catholic and Protestant theology as well as religious studies and other related disciplines (history, classical philology, education, etc.).