Remote screen-based support services


In order to assist users during phone-in support requests, we use the popular remote-control and screen-sharing tool TeamViewer to deliver online technical support. TeamViewer is well-established in both commercial and private settings and provides SULB technical support staff with remote access to a user’s computer. The support tool can be started without prior installation on the user’s computer and can be removed without trace once the support session ends. Access is only ever possible once the user requesting assistance has submitted the necessary access data.

The support tools are available for the operating systems Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Linux. The relevant login details will be sent to you by email. Once you have downloaded the app, start the program and then notify your telephone contact at the SULB technical service unit of your access ID and the dynamic session password that is generated automatically. Once the support session has ended, you can delete the program from your computer. Your private computer will then be in the same state with respect to external access that it was in before contacting the library support team.

TeamViewer Quick Support