Campus Library for Computer Science and Mathematics

Campus E2 3
66123 Saarbrücken



The Campus Library for Computer Science and Mathematics is operated jointly by theMax Planck Institute for Informatics(MPI-INF), theMax Planck Institute for Software Systems(MPI-SWS), theGerman Research Center for Artificial Intelligence(DFKI), and the Department of the Department ofComputer Science, the Department ofMathematicsand the Department ofLanguage Science and TechnologyatSaarland University. The library’s collection comprises more than 100,000 books, many journals in printed and electronic formats and specialist databases.

Registered students can borrow materials for a period of 14 days, non-professorial academic staff and graduate research assistants may take items out on loan for four weeks, while the borrowing period for professors is two months. Loans may be renewed up to twelve times. For details please refer to the User Rules and Regulations (Benutzungsordnung).


150 study places
a journal reading area
WiFi network
copying and scanning-to-PDF

Disciplines at the location

Computer science
Artificial Intelligence
Software Systems

Language Science and Technology


Simone Schulze