Borrowing materials


Materials for which you need to submit a request
Most media must be ordered from the closed library stacks. Search for the media you require and order them via the Saarland Online Public Access Catalogue. Media will be ready for you on the next opening day after ordering for five opening days on the collection shelves. You can find your order by holding your library card up to one of the two card readers located on the collection shelves (Block A and Block E). The compartment with your order will then be displayed on the screen. You can then check our order out at one of the self-checkout stations at the hall counter.

Textbook collection
The books held in the textbook collection, which is located on the lower ground floor (level -1) of the main library building, are freely accessible and can be taken out on loan in the normal way.

Philology Library
Special lending rules apply to the collections housed in the Philology Library.

Reading rooms
The materials in the reading rooms are for reference only and cannot be borrowed.

Journal articles
Articles from specialist journals and periodicals will be delivered to you as PDF files by the electronic document delivery service ELiSa. You will receive the article no later than four days after placing your order. Requests for bound periodicals will be delivered to the main library building where they can be viewed or borrowed. Please tick the relevant box when filling out your request.

Special items
Psychological tests (use local lending form Ausleihe Psychologischer Tests Ortsleihe), audiovisual materials or materials from the Libri Separati collection are available for collection on the first working day after the request was submitted. Please note that special rules apply to the use of these materials.

Students of the UdS can borrow a notebook for a period of six months by ordering it via the catalogue. As soon as the device is ready, you will be informed by e-mail and can collect it from the hall counter between 10:00 and 16:00 on Mondays to Fridays. On this occasion, the necessary loan contract will be discussed and signed.

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