Opening hours

For differing opening hours please keep an eye on our homepage.

The SULB is closed on public holidays.

Please note: Items you wish to collect on Saturdays must be ordered by Thursday.

Campus Saarbrücken

  Mon–Fri Sat
Borrowing and returning 08:00–21:00 10:00-18:00
Interlibrary loans (pick up)) 08:00–18:00  
Registration 08:00–18:00  
Fotostelle (pick up only) 08:00–16:00  
Working places (in the reading room) 08:00–21:00 10:00-18:00
Booking Carrels 09:00–16:00  

For deviations in the opening hours, please note the current announcements in the news section of the Medical Library.

The Medical Library is closed on public holidays.

Campus Homburg

  Mon-Fri Sat
Borrowing and returning 08:00–22:00 09:00-22:00