Printing and copying

Printing directly from USB stick / mobile device

  • Your can print directly from USB stick at the multi-function printers in the Information reading room.
  • The costs of 0.07 € for a black and white page or 0.14 € for a colour page are charged via the UdS card.
  • Only one paper quality (80g) is available on these machines.
  • The devices are mostly self-explanatory, the operating display can be switched to several languages. In case you still need a manual:
  • Login to Intercard-plattform
  • Manual printers entrance hall

Printing from PC

  • From the PCs in the reading room you can access the multi-function printers in the information room.
  • These printers are intended exclusively for printing library materials.
  • As a library patron, you can print out parts of electronic resources (e-books, articles from e-journals) as well as search results from specialist databases.
  • The costs are settled via the UdS card.

Sending print jobs by e-mail

  • You can send ready-to-print PDF files as a print job to the e-mail address of the Fotostelle below. Please also include all print-related information with your order, such as:
    • Colour mode (sw/col)
    • Paper quality
  • one-sided / double-sided
  • Print orders received by 14:00 are printed the same day and are ready for collection at the Fotostelle the next working day.
  • The costs are settled via the UdS card or, in the case of official orders, via the departmental debit cards; cash payment is not possible.

Printing of final papers

  • Final papers represent a very sophisticated print job, so we will explain this separately here:
  • You send us your print-ready PDF with embedded fonts by e-mail to the address given below with all print-relevant information:
    • Number of copies
    • single-sided or double-sided
    • Do you want a proof copy in advance?
    • coloured or black and white
    • Paper quality
    • Type of binding (see Binding and further processing)
    • Do you need a digital version on CD/DVD?
    • additional special features
  • Remember that queries by e-mail or telephone will delay completing the project. It also takes more time to obtain a desired advance copy for checking and correction.
  • For further informations you can read the guideline here

Printing and copying

Print/copy bw A4 80g 0,07 €
Print/copy col A4 80g 0,14 €
Print/copy bw A3 80g 0,14 €
Print/copy col A3 80g 0,28 €
Print/copy bw A4 on foil 0,30 €
Print/copy col A4 aon foil 0,50 €
Surcharge for design paper 100g A4 0,05 € per sheet
Surcharge for design paper 100g A3 0,10 € per sheet
Surcharge coloured copy paper A4 0,05 € per sheet
Surcharge copy cardstock 90g - 250g A4 0,20 € per A4 sheet
Poster print A2 4,00 € (1,00 € Full colour surcharge)
Poster print A1 8,00 € (2,00 € Full colour surcharge)
Poster print A0 16,00 € (4,00 € Full colour surcharge)

Download price list

You can download the complete price list of the Fotostelle here.