The SULB’s role as the State Library of Saarland


SULB is the State Library of Saarland. The Saarland University and State Library is legally responsible for compiling a record of all types of published materials produced in Saarland. Additionally, the SULB is responsible for collecting, indexing and making publicly available literature about Saarland. Literary works from the region are documented in the Saarland Bibliography. All published materials, including online publications, are collected irrespective of format.

The Saarland Reading Room and the Saar-Lor-Lux-Alsace Reading Room


The Gallery in the Main Reading Room houses a large number of monographs and journals on the culture and society of Saarland.  A special reading room area dedicated to the literature of the Saar-Lor-Lux-Alsace region is currently under construction. It will act as a multidisciplinary source of important literature created in this part of Europe.