SULB offers during the corona pandemic



Freely accessible publishing and database sources during the Corona crisis at:

Please note that these are temporary offers. You can find out the periods of activation when you select a database under the heading "Notes".


Free webinars

Ebsco currently offers webinars on various databases, especially in the fields of business, medicine, psychology, but also music and art studies. The courses are free. You only have to register with your email address.

Cambridge University Press

CUP mainly offers for teachers, but also for student teachers for different grades, audio and video content.

Limited until: 90 days after registration


Online tools for digital teaching

The platforms listed below provide you with subject-specific tools and resources that are intended to support you in digital teaching and research.

FID General and Comparative Literature Studies

FID German Studies

Mediaevum (for ancient German research)

Digital text analysis

FID Romance Studies

FID Musicology: Musiconn
General information on digital teaching and some free tutorials below.

FID Art Photography Design: Arthistoricum
Handout for digital teaching