The textbook collection


The textbook collection is located on the lower ground floor (level -1) of the main library building. 

The textbook collection contains multiple copies of textbooks across all disciplines as well as more general reference materials, such as introductory overviews, compilations, source books.
The textbooks can be taken out on loan. 

If you wish to borrow a textbook, please use one of the self-service checkout machines. The borrowing rules for textbooks are the same as those for other SULB materials that can be taken out on loan, i.e. the loan period is four weeks and this can be extended on ten occasions provided the item has not been reserved by another library user.

If all copies of a textbook are already out on loan, you can reserve a copy of the book at the main reception desk or at the information desk in the library’s Infosaal – a staffed area where students can conduct literature searches and scan documents.

The textbooks are arranged according to the Regensburg Classification Scheme (RVK).

Subject classifier codes used in the textbook collection

BTheologie und Religionswissenschaften
CPhilosophie, Psychologie

Allgemeine und Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft. Indogermanistik. Außereuropäische Sprachen und Literaturen (Sprachwissenschaft, Literaturwissenschaft)

FKlassische Philologie. Byzantinistik. Mittellateinische und Neugriechische Philologie. Neulatein
GGermanistik. Niederlandistik. Skandinavistik
HAnglistik. Amerikanistik
LEthnologie, Klassische Archäologie, Kunstgeschichte, Musikwissenschaft
MPolitologie, Soziologie, Militärwissenschaft
NGeschichte, Ur- und Frühgeschichte, Alte Geschichte
SMathematik, Informatik
TAllgemeine Naturwissenschaft, Geologie und Paläontologie
VChemie und Pharmazie
ZLand- und Forstwirtschaft Gartenbau, Fischereiwirtschaft Hauswirtschaft, Technik, Technik (Messtechnik, Mechantronik), Sport




Structure of the classmarks (call numbers) in the textbook collection

02Location code (designating where the textbook collection is located in the SULB)
AK 39580Systematic notation (classification code / subject code)
E7853Author code (in this example the author's name begins with E)
(4)The edition number appears in parentheses


signifies that this is the fifth copy