Without boundaries! - Library Night

The ""Library Night"" was initiated by the Association of Libraries of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia e.V. in 2005 and takes place nationwide every two years. For the first time, libraries in the Saarland are taking part with a diverse programme under the motto "Grenzenlos!" ("Without boundaries!"):
On the evening of  March 17th, the focus will be on libraries and their limitless possibilities: here, people of all cultures and interests can learn more, take part in cultural activities, receive further education, try out new things and get into contact with each other.

Participating libraries will be:

Stadtbibliothek Saarbrücken
Stadtbücherei St. Ingbert
Stadtbibliothek Dillingen/Saar
FrauenGenderBibliothek Saar
Stadt- und Kreisbibliothek St. Wendel
Stadtbibliothek Merzig
Stadtbibliothek Völklingen
Stadtbibliothek Wadern
Stadtbibliothek Sulzbach

Supported by the dbv Landesverband Saarland