"Literaturrecherche - leicht gemacht: Vom Online-Katalog bis zum digitalen Text"

A block seminar in the optional area

The block seminar takes place either in presence or digitally via Microsoft Teams and Moodle.

Please register via the LSF. You will be informed promptly about the processes by e-mail.
Participation in compliance with the 3G regulation. Mask requirements and distance rules apply throughout the building.
The course is aimed primarily at Bachelor students, is interdisciplinary and is accompanied by exercises (schedule).
In the exercise you will get to know the basic research tools (library catalogs, reference works, bibliographies, specialist databases, internet sources) for an effective search for scientific literature. Further topics will be: literature procurement via local and interlibrary loan, search strategies, electronic full texts, e-books, subject indexing, reference management, open access, quoting, specialist information services.
In a research portfolio, you will work on your own topic using the research tools and strategies taught in the course. With this documentation you also write yourself the instructions for a successful research, which you can refer in subsequent semesters.