More workstations and easing of the mask requirement in the reading room

As of 28.06.2021, additional workstations will be offered in the Main Reading Room. The mask requirement has already been eased here since 22.06.2021.

The additional 17 desks are located in the gallery of the air-conditioned Main Reading Room, bringing the total number of desks to 45. For the use of all workstations, a reservation via our booking portal is still required. Please notify the supervisor at the counter in the Main Reading Room before you get to your seat. We also recommend registering via the Stasio app, instructions for this can be found on site.

In addition, at the workstations in the Main Reading Room it is now permitted to remove the mouth/nose covering, but the wearing of a medical mask is still mandatory when moving around. So please remember to put it back on as soon as you get up from your seat.