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The SULB runs training courses and guided tours so that users can get acquainted with the collections and resources relevant to their particular subject area and can learn how to make best use of the library and its services.


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For information on our recent acquisitions, please refer to the acquisitions list, which is updated daily and archived at the end of each month.


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The DBIS database information system lists bibliographies, full-text databases and dictionaries in your subject area.


Textbook collection

The textbook collection is an open-shelf resource containing multiple copies of popular textbooks and course books that are used by students during their studies and when preparing for examinations. Items in the textbook collection can be taken out on loan. Items in the textbook collection can be taken out on loan.

Textbook Collection – Classical Philology



For a list of SULB-subscribed and open access e-journals in the field of ancient civilization studies, please refer to the:

Printed journals for which the SULB or one of the other libraries on campus has a subscription are listed in the national periodicals database (ZDB – Zeitschriftendatenbank). As only a few e-journals are indexed in the ZDB, please consult the EZB for a full list of available electronic journal titles.


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As part of the new DFG programme “Specialized information services for Researchers”   Heidelberg University Library and Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Munich are expanding their existing offers to a joint Specialized Information Service Propylaeum.


Academic institutions on campus

Ancient Civilization Studies – Ancient History
The Institute of Historical Studies at Saarland University
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Department of Classical Philology
Ancient Civilization Studies – Classical Archaeology
Ancient Civilization Studies – Prehistory, Early History and the Archaeology of Western Asia