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Musicology in Saarland

Institutions and Associations

  • HfM University of Music Saar (Hochschule für Musik Saar)
    University of Music Saar is the only higher education institution dedicated to music in the Saar-Lor-Lux region.
  • Saarland Council of Music (Landesmusikrat Saar)
    The Saarland Council of Music is a member of the German Music Council and acts as its representative in Saarland. The Saarland Council of Music is an umbrella organization that represents the interests of the musical societies and music institutions in Saarland. The services it provides range from coordination and facilitation to cultural policy work with particular emphasis on supporting the development of talented young musicians.
  • The Saarland Music Club Alliance (Bund saarländischer Musikvereine e.V.)
    The Saarland Music Club Alliance represents more than 200 music clubs and societies, such as brass bands, wind ensembles, marching and ceremonial bands, youth orchestras, big bands, symphonic ensembles, etc.) and is principally concerned with fostering and advancing amateur music making.
  • Academy of Ancient Music in Saarland (Akademie für Alte Musik im Saarland)
    The Academy of Ancient Music in Saarland supports and promotes the historically informed performance of ancient music on period instruments in concerts and courses. In addition to the two concert series ‘musica da camera’ and ‘Akademiekonzerte’, the Academy has since 2001 organized the annual international festival of ancient music TAMIS (‘Tage Alter Musik im Saarland’).
  • Saarland Choral Society (Saarländischer Chorverband)
    The Saarland Choral Society represents more than 400 choirs with over 13,000 members.
  • Association of German Music Teachers (VdS) Saar (Verband deutscher Schulmusiker (VdS) Saar)
    The VdS is a professional association for music teachers working in schools as well as for students and staff in music education programmes in universities and higher education institutions and other music training institutions.
  • Association of German Music Schools – Saarland Section (Verband deutscher Musikschulen – Landesverband Saar e.V.)
  • Saarland Jazz Alliance (Saarländischer Landesverband Jazz)
    The Saarland Jazz Alliance was established in 1993 with the aim of creating a network to link the activities of the various jazz initiatives in Saarland, facilitate information flow between them and increase the visibility of jazz in Saarland.
  • The Hahn Music Archive of Saarland (Saarländisches Musikarchiv Dr. Robert Hahn)

Festivals, concerts, projects

Orchestras and music venues

  • German Radio Philharmonic Orchestra in Saarbrücken and Kaiserslautern (Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken, Kaierslautern)
    Originally founded as the Radio Symphony Orchestra Saarbrücken in 1937, the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra Saarbrücken/Kaiserslautern is an integral part of musical life in Saarland. The focus of the orchestra’s repertoire is on the music of the Romantic period and the 20th and 21st centuries.
  • The Saarland State Theatre, Saarbrücken (Saarländisches Staatstheater)
    The Saarland State Theatre hosts productions in the areas of musical theatre, drama and ballet as well as performances by numerous guest companies and artists.
  • Arsenal, Metz
    The Arsenal in Metz in the neighbouring Lorraine region of France is the most important concert hall in the Saar-Lor-Lux area and is regarded as one of the best concert venues in France. The Arsenal is also the main performance venue and home of the Orchestre national de Lorraine.
  • Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra (Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg)
    This originally private professional orchestra was taken into public ownership in 1996 and renamed the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra. The orchestra plays a major role in the musical life of the Saar-Lor-Lux region and has over the last few years received international recognition.
  • Kooperation für Musik in der Großregion (CMGR)
    This cooperative project developed from the Saar-Lor-Lux orchestra that was established in 1993. Each year a youth symphony orchestra (Das Junge Orchester der Großregion) is created that draws on young musicians from the Saar-Lor-Lux region. Musical training and development are at the heart of the project, which provides highly dedicated students at the cooperating institutions with the opportunity to deepen their experience of playing in a European orchestra under professional conditions.

Some of the most important amateur choirs in Saarland include: