Psychological and psychometric tests



Established by Dr. Joseph Dambauer

The collection of psychological and psychometric tests contains German and foreign tests covering all areas of psychology, including applications in educational psychology (developmental and scholastic performance tests, school entry/aptitude tests), in medicine (clinical tests) and in commercial and business environments (skills and aptitude tests, pre-employment screening and recruitment assessment tests).
Local library users may borrow tests via the local lending service; other users can submit a loan request using the standard interlibrary loan service.
Loan period: Two weeks, no renewal permitted.

To maintain their value, these tests are only made available to users who need to access them as part of their academic teaching or research work.

The materials are therefore only loaned to users who demonstrate genuine scholarly interest (student ID or other form of verification issued by their academic department or institute) and who provide a written declaration that they have read and understood these borrowing restrictions.

The relevant forms can be downloaded as required (local users, external users). The forms are also available in the main SULB building as well as in other university libraries.