Scanning of books and any other documents

  • Books and book chapters should preferably be scanned at the overhead scanners, which are openly accessible in the information room.
    Advantages compared to regular scan-capable copy devices are:
    • Gentle to material: Documents do not have to be turned over, but are "photographed" from above with cold light. They only have to scroll, not roll. This not only protects the original, but also your arms and back.
    • Captures large-format originals up to DIN A2.
    • Scanning in different colour modes (black and white, grayscale, colour) in 300 dpi (optical).
    • Multiple pages can be saved as Multipage PDF or Multipage TIFF. Saving as JPG file is also possible.
    • Automatic cropping of the text block (removing the black edges of the image).
    • Direct saving to a USB stick.
  • A scanner is also available for microfilms and microfiche:
    • With the free microfilm scanner in the information room, 16 and 35 mm roll film and micro-flat film (microfiche) can be easily digitised and stored on your USB stick.
  • The multi-function devices in the information room are suitable for scanning individual pages and collections:
    • Scans can be created in colour or black and white and saved as a PDF or JPG file on a USB stick.
    • Scanning is free of charge, the UdS card is only required for authentication.
    • Suitable multi-page documents (smooth paper without creases, folds, staples and stickers) can also be conveniently scanned double-sided via the automatic feeder.


Price-list scanning

Self-service overhead scanners free of charge
Self-service multi-function printers free of charge
Scan order via Fotostelle 0,10 € per page
Scan order via reading room 0,05 € per page
Provision on storage media/e-mail 0,50 € all-inclusive

Download price list

You can download the complete price list of the Fotostelle here.