Typesetting and Layout - Media Design for Saarland University

Academic institutions and facilities at Saarland University can commission the SULB with media design work. The SULB creates graphics and generates print templates for:

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Short messages
  • etc.

These orders are charged on an individual time-and-material basis. The hourly rate is 20.00 Euro per (commenced) hour. We therefore recommend that you combine small orders (e.g. for the production or modification of existing business card templates) to allow you to make better use of the full amount of an hour's work.Die Auftragsarbeiten setzen in der Regel eine detaillierte Auftragsbeschreibung bzw. ein Auftragsgespräch voraus, das frühzeitig angesetzt werden sollte.

Since the media design services provided by the SULB are exclusively internal university services, the VAT-exempt invoicing of the orders takes place at the beginning of the month following the month in which the services are fully provided. This rebooking of university resources is carried out electronically as "internal service charges" in the SAP system, is clearly comprehensible for the budget managers and can be unambiguously documented via SAP documents. Invoices in the traditional sense are therefore not issued by the SULB.