Study spaces for visually impaired users


The main library building contains one study space for blind users and one for partially sighted users. Use of these study spaces is not restricted to students; they are available to all visually impaired persons resident in Saarland.

The study space developed for partially sighted users has an extra large Vocatex Plus display that can produce magnified images of printed materials or display digital information at high magnification.
The Vocatex Plus is also a text reader that can read aloud the text displayed in the magnified image.

If you change the position of the document to display the next section of the text, the software will rescan the text and continue reading without interruption. 

The Vocatex Plus is connected to a PC with standard applications such as an internet browser and the Microsoft Office software suite. Partially sighted users can therefore use the Vocatex machine to browse the internet, read our electronic documents or write emails or other texts.

In addition to standard software, the PC in the study space developed for blind users is equipped with the specialist programs JAWS and OpenBook. JAWS is a screen reader program that allows blind and highly visually impaired users to use Windows-compatible programs and popular internet browsers either by listening to the text-to-speech output or by using the 80-cell refreshable Braille display.

The Focus 80 Braille display also lets you enter text, navigate within text and control the PC. The text-to-speech software OpenBook works with an optical scanner to convert printed documents to speech and to save the results either in a machine-readable text format or as an audio file.

The integrated speech output function can be switched on and off at the press of a button. OpenBook also allows you to export the documents it creates into other popular formats such as Microsoft Word or Notepad. All you need to bring with you is a USB flash drive. OpenBook also enables you to add comments to your document or to highlight specific sections of text.

The headset, Braille display and keyboard can be picked up from the information desk in the Infosaal on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.