Media Processing


Media Processing is responsible for the procurement and cataloguing of printed and electronic media.

Printmedia Monographs

Team Acquisition


The Purchase Acquisitions team is responsible for the acquisition and inventory of all monographic print media including continuations, delivery works and multi-volume works and their cataloguing.

Team Gifts/Legal Deposits/Book Exchange


The Gifts/Legal Deposits/Book Exchange team deals with active and passive exchanges, literature received as gifts and dissertations and compulsory copies.

Please offer all gifts of books by email first to save the team and you unnecessary work and postage costs, as it cannot be guaranteed that the volumes will be included in our stock.


Printmedia Journals


In the Print Journals team, all periodically published printed media are acquired and catalogued


Bookbinding / Cover management

Digital Media


The Digital Media department is responsible for the acquisition and cataloguing of individual e-books, e-journals, e-book and e-journal packages.


Databases, consortia licences