Information on exams and doctorate


  • For exam preparation: Examination tool pre-clinical and clinical (AMBOSS)

With AMBOSS a new learning system, cross programme and reference book is available.
The provider MiaMed describes AMBOSS as a digital compendium that concentrates the entire knowledge for medical students. It combines learning software and a reference book - to prepare for tests, final exams and the profession of a doctor.
Please log in the first time with your student e-mail address: ....(at)
Initial registration must be made from the UdS' valid official IP range.
Afterwards you can also use AMBOSS via remote access from outside the UdS.

  • Doctorate and Habilitation at the Medical Faculty of Saarland University
    • Information from the Faculty of Medicine on obtaining a doctorate
    • Information from the Faculty of Medicine on the German Habilitation
  • Publication of your dissertation on the publication server of Saarland University
  • Link to the publication server: SciDok
  • Medline introduction for doctoral students:
    You can make an appointment for an individual introduction here: