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Saarland Bibliography – Collection analysis on 2 January 2020

94,022 items Collection analysis

Online resources

4,160 items Collection analysis

of which

3968 licence-free online resources

Collection listed by period covered

1991 - 2019: 67,099 individual items Collection analysis

Works published in this period are fully indexed in the Saarland Bibliography database.

1475 - 1990: 25,828 items Collection analysis

1961 - 1990: 19,342 items Collection analysis

The printed version of the Saarland Bibliography provides more complete coverage of this period. Digitized versions of the printed bibliography are now accessible up to the year 1990. Online edition

1927 - 1960: 4,973 items Collection analysis

This period is also covered in the Rhineland Palatinate Bibliography.

1475 - 1926: 1,987 items Collection analysis

The collection analysis is updated daily and can be viewed in the Saarland Bibliography database.

Literatur zur Saarländischen Bibliographie

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