Open Access Fund of Saarland University

Starting on 01.04.2022, funding for Open Access publications is available through UdS funds as well as acquired DFG funds.

Until 31.03.2023

  • you can receive a grant of max. 5,000 € gross for open access books, as long as they are published under a CC BY license,
  • receive a grant of max. € 2,000 gross for articles in journals or papers in conference proceedings in which all papers are available with published under a CC BY license Open Access (so-called Gold Open Access). For articles in edited books, you can receive a grant of max. 2,000 € gross, provided that the sum of the funds drawn from the fund for papers in one volume does not exceed 5,000 € gross and that they are published under the CC BY license.

Publication costs above the specified limits must be paid by the authors or editors themselves. Dissertations are only eligible for funding if the rating summa cum laude has been given.

Please note the detailed conditions at Open-Access-Publikationsfonds der Universität des Saarlandes, at this point you will find information on the fund's assumption of costs.

During the pilot phase until the end of March 2023, the use of the fund will be continuously evaluated. The information gained will be used to design concepts for funding Open Access publishing at the UdS. After the end of the phase, DFG funds will be available at least until March 2025 to support publications in Gold Open Access journals with €700 gross or Open Access books with €5,000 gross; in the case of books, however, it is mandatory to prove the connection to DFG funding.

On May 05 (14:00 to 15:00), SULB will offer an information session via TEAMS, for which interested parties can register at this link::,i6XrkEP9hUGpiprkhh5O7A,p9GOLG-2QE2u5cHt6oTNyw,QpX6jdMHpEyRXPoMk4eWKg,oV6sKeJjz02ODZtuD59eHQ,dd8uGTFdgkK9JmSlLo7sGA?mode=read&tenantId=67610027-1ac3-49b6-8641-ccd83ce1b01f