Lecture lists of the UdS completely digitized

The SULB has digitized all staff and lecture lists of Saarland University that were published in printed form between 1948 and 2008. Thanks to an optical character recognition (OCR), the directories are searchable. You can therefore search directly for specific lectures, lecturers, subject areas, etc.

The lecture lists are an important source for the history of Saarland University. They provide information about lecturers, the structure of the educational institution, the curricula and courses.

WS 1948/49 - SS 1954
WS 1956/57 - SS 1981
WS 1982/82 – SS 2008
WS 2008/09

In addition, the SULB has archived the lecture lists, which have only been published online since SS 2009, on its SaarDok archive server. You will continue to find the course catalog from the current semester here, albeit with a time delay.