Document delivery services

1. Interlibrary loan

Literature not available at Saarland University can be ordered via interlibrary loan from another library.

  • Interlibrary loan orders cost 1.50 Euro each. The following payment options are available: cash payment(Ich dachte, das geht nicht mehr, nicht eher payment by UdS-Card) for self-collection and invoice by mail (if necessary, please remember to give a differing billing address).
  • Ordered ( obligatory to return) volumes cannot be sent and must be picked up on site.
  • All orders sent to the library must be paid, even if the order is not successful.
  • For journal article orders, the field "Shipping" can also be clicked next to the field "Invoice". In this case a surcharge of 1,60 Euro per order will be charged and the article will be sent by mail.
  • Orders placed with a campus address are served free of charge.
  • Please make sure that the literature is not available in our library before placing your order.
  • If literature ordered by the client is not picked up within the period of 4 weeks at the latest, an invoice will be issued.
  • The time required for interlibrary loan is about two weeks. If you need the requested literature earlier, we recommend ordering it through Subito. Please note that other prices apply for Subito.
  • The use of interlibrary loan is regulated by the SULB's Regulations for Use and the Interlibrary Loan Regulations ( Leihverkehrsordnung/LVO).

Note: Whoever wants to use the lending service of the library according to § 4 needs to be registered. Those entitled to Registration are:

  • Members and affiliates of Saarland University,
  • Private individuals with permanent residence in the Saarland,
  • Members and members of the universities of the University Network Southwest and the participating universities of the cooperation agreement Saar-Lor-Lux-Trier-Westpfalz during their stay at Saarland University.
  • Other natural and legal persons may be admitted on request.

2. (Direct) Delivery services

Do you need literature particularly quickly or would you like to have it delivered directly to your workplace?

Document delivery services offer an alternative to conventional interlibrary loan:

SUBITO is a document delivery service of German libraries. Documents are searched from your own workstation, ordered from there and can also be delivered there. Both, the delivery of copies and the dispatch of books is possible. The delivery service is subject to a fee. For further information please refer to the Subito pages.


3. Instant document delivery service for medical literature from the Homburg holdings

Only for members of the university / university hospitals in the Saarland.

From our collection, journal articles and parts of books can be ordered in small quantities (up to about 10% of the work).

If the order is sent by fax or mail, there is a charge of 0.20 Euro per sheet. If the order is sent as a PDF, the same price will be charged to the selected (internal clinic or university) e-mail address.