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Book search


How do you find a book (also e-book) whose title/author you know?
Search the library catalogue.

The Saarland Virtual Catalogue is a site-based catalogue containing data on printed, electronic and other media of the Central Library, the specialist libraries on the Saarbrücken and Homburg campuses, the Saarland University of Applied Sciences (htw saar) and the Saar Music College (HfM Saar).
Articles from journals or anthologies are generally not searchable here.

Journal search


How do you find a journal the title of which you know?

You have several options:

  • Search the Electronic Journals Directory/EZB (here you will find e-journals that are under licence or that are available free of charge for the Medical Department).
  • Search the complete list of journals available in the Medizinische Bibliothek Homburg (291M= Homburger Bestand), both electronic and in print.
  • Search the database of periodicals/Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB); in the ZDB you will find everything that is published periodically in printed or electronic form and is available in libraries in Germany and Austria (titles of periodicals, newspapers, databases, yearbooks, etc.)
  • The journal is available in Homburg. You can borrow or consult it at the location indicated. Interlibrary loan is not possible!
  • The journal is not available in Homburg. You can order it via interlibrary loan.

Topic/Subject search

  • In the library catalogue of the Medical Department of Saarland University and State Library. The catalogue also allows a thematic / subject search for book titles.
  • Books that are not available in Saarbrücken or Homburg can be searched in the Karlsruhe virtual catalogue/ Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog (KVK) 
  • To search for journal articles use the database Medline or the Pub Med.
  • Specialised bibliographies
  • Online databases of the SULB. Here you can search for dissertations in the DNB (German National Bibliography). Some of them are freely accessible on the Internet; for most of them, however, the SULB has to purchase licences. Access is usually only granted to members of Saarland University.
  • Research on the Internet: General search engines, subject search engines (can be found under the individual subject areas)
  • In the subject databases in the Database Info System (DBIS)
  • The book is available in Homburg. You can borrow or consult it at the location indicated.  Or you can access the e-book via the link indicated. Interlibrary loan is therefore not possible.
  • The book is not available in Homburg. You can order it via interlibrary loan.

Via the Electronic discovery service/Wissensportal you can simultaneously search the Saarland Virtual Catalogue, the Saarland Bibliography and most of the bibliographic databases along with other sources. The Wissensportal will immediately give you access to relevant journal articles.

Generally speaking: literature not available at Saarland University can be ordered via interlibrary loan.