Open Access Publication Fund of Saarland University


A publication fund for the reimbursement of Open Access publication fees, so-called Article Processing Charges (APC), for journal articles is available at Saarland University from 2019. The publication fund is funded by German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) through the program Open Access Publishing.

By providing information on expenditures from the UdS Open Access Publication Fund to the OpenAPC project, the SULB is making a contribution to cost transparency in Open Access. OpenAPC, named after the publication fees for journal articles known in Open Access and referred to as Article Processing Charges (APC), aims to achieve monitoring of expenditures for Open Access publications.

1st funding period 2019-2020

The fundig budget for 2019-2020 was € 248.637 (= 80% DFG share of € 198.910 and 20% UdS share of € 49.727).

2nd funding period 2021-2022

  • The available financial resources in 2021: 7.755,82 € (last update: 20.07.2021). If the fund is oversubscribed, the SULB will provide 20.000 € from its own resources for 2021.
  • As the financial resources are limited no guarantee can be given for reimbursement from the fund.
  • Before submitting an application form, please check whether it is possible to cover publication fees from other funds (e.g. via publication grants from approved projects) - the publication fund is intended for members of Saarland University without alternative funding options.
The funding amount for the 2nd funding period 2021-2022.
Year Fonds 100% DFG-Share 60% UdS-Share 40%
2021 97.828 € 58.697 € 39.131 €
2022 97.828 € 58.697 € 39.131 €
Sum 195.656 € 117.394 € 78.262 €