Update on fees and lending conditions as of 1/9/2020 and 1/10/2020

During the last months we didn’t reclaim overdue items (with the exception of reserved items and interlibrary loans) nor did we block accounts with overdue items or charge overdue fees.

In preparation of the upcoming winter semester, we are now returning to our regular lending policy.

 This means:

  • As of 1/9/2020 your library account will be blocked, if you still have overdue items whose loan period can’t be extended anymore.
  • As of 1/10/2020 we’ll start charging overdue fees again.
  • For goodwill reasons all overdue fees incurred between 1/3/2020 and 30/9/2020 will be waived. To avoid being charged overdue fees, please return your overdue items till 30/9/2020 or extend the loan period in time.

 In order to extend the loan period, you have two possibilities:

  1. The already known manual extension. You log in to your library account, select the item whose loan period shall be extended, click the send-button and get an immediate system response whether the extension was succesful.
  2. The automatic extension. This extension method was introduced with our Covid-19-measures. If the loan period of a borrowed item ends and you do not return it or extend the loan period manually, the library management system will extend the loan period automatically for 7 more days. There’s no further action required on your behalf. If an extension is not possible, we’ll inform you by e-mail.

Please note that the loan period of journal volumes or interlibrary loans cannot be extended.